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What effect has smoking on your relationship?

12-22-2013, by
smoking and a relation

Every day, billions of cigarettes are smoked in the world. We already know more than half a century that smoking of tobacco is bad for our health. There must be some reason why smoking is so attractive. Many smokers indicate that it adds "value" to their lives.

Smoking is relaxing and it offers social benefits. A smoker start a conversation faster with another smoker. One feels connected more quickly and evenly when people are sharing the same things.

Smoking is often seen as being tough by the youth. That is why most smokers start before they turn 21. Sometimes there is fear of being not accepted in certain social groups, but mostly it's just a consequence of that teenagers want to experiment.

Often a non-smoker doesn't understand why smoking is so attractive or why it is so difficult to quit smoking. The smokers suffer even sometimes with mixed feelings. They also know that tobacco is not healthy. On the other hand, they had many good smoking experiences, so there are a kind of emotional ties with the cigarette.

The impact on the relationship

If you do not smoke and you have a relationship with a smoker, then the cigarette feels like a barrier between each other. You are connected to each other but that cigarette often stands in the way. Most smokers are not always aware of it, but these unintended effects can be very annoying for the non-smoking partner.

Especially hygiene is usually the biggest stumbling block. The partners complain they have to kiss an ashtray, they complain about the smell in the house and/or in the clothing. This odor can ruin an intimate moment properly.

Most smokers understand that their behavior can indeed be annoying. They try to solve by brushing their teeth or consuming chewing gum. Some smokers consider to quit out of love for their partner. But this is a very delicate process and not for everyone as the smoking behavior differs from person to person. Also, smoking is not only a physical addiction to nicotine, it is also a social addiction. Unlearning the actions that smoking entails, according to some experts, are even harder to achieve.

A smoker who wants to quit must be well motivated and prepared. The love for the partner can help, especially when the partner is honest and straight. Many people do indeed tend to neglect themselves, but for their partner, they are still willing to go through extremes. The love (and certainly the fear of losing the loved one) can be very motivating.

Partners are worried about the health

A British study recently did a survey and showed that nearly 80% of the respondents wish their partner would reduce smoking. More than half is hoping their partner would quit smoking tobacco.

Most non-smoking partners are enormously concerned about the health of their smoking loved one. Both young and old think about the negative effects of the prolonged tobacco smoking. They all have fear of loosing their partner too early later in life.

The Electronic Cigarette

Fortunately, the e-cigarette is the solution for all love-birds among us. Electronic smoking is not only healthier for the smoker himself, it mainly provides no inconvenience for the partner. No more smelly clothes or breath. The e-smoker don't need to smoke outdoors every hour which makes it more social. It's very annoying if you are enjoying a romantic evening together on the sofa.

But most virtue, the non-smoking partner no longer needs to fear to stay behind lonely. Even though it is no Valentine yet, I advise all partners to order today an e-cigarette. Your relation will benefit from it.

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