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Ryanair allows e-smoking

12-18-2013, by
Ryanair allows electronic smoking

The Irish airline Ryanair is selling electronic cigarettes on board of its aircrafts. Ryanair hopes to make all travelers satisfied: smokers can get their nicotine and non-smokers are not bothered by the smoke.

The latter is important because then the e-smokers not longer suffer from grumpy non-smokers since there is no combustion. This means also that the e-cig is not dangerous to cause fire on the plane.

Ryanair came up with the idea after a big survey among its passengers. Just over 24,000 of the 1 million respondents asked explicitly to allow smoking during a flight. But since the nineties, it is forbidden to smoke tobacco on any the plane. Luckily, the ecigarette is a good solution and alternative.

Adults may buy 10 disposable e-cigarettes for ten euros. A pack of ten is enough for several flights" says McNamara, CEO of Ryan Air.

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