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In general, the composition of e-liquid consist of:

  • Flavoring agents.
  • Propylene glycol or Vegetable Glycerine. This is the basis of the liquid and ensures that visible smoke may be produced.
  • Nicotine (but it exist also without).

The flavors

Regular cigarettes don't offer much choice of different flavors. Yes, each brand differs quite a little of flavor, but really big are not these differences.

When you compare it with the electronic cigarette, the differences is shocking. Almost anything you can think is on the market. Too enumerate all these flavors will go too far, but we list a few popular ones:

e-liquid for the electronic cigarette
  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • cola
  • vanilla
  • apple
  • cherry
  • peach
  • lime
  • caramel
  • amaretto
  • whiskey
  • etc. ..

The flavors also provide the so called "Throat Hit". Some e-liquid really provide more "tickle" in the throat and thereby approach a feeling like regular cigarettes.


The nicotine strength in the liquid is indicated in % or mg/ml. (10 milligrams per milliliter = 1%). As with "regular" cigarettes, there are various strengths. We summarize them together in a table:

% Nicotinemg/mlSimilar 'regular' cigarette
0%0mg/mldon't exist
0.6%6mg/mlultra light
1.2%12mg/mllight / medium
1.8%18mg/mlmedium / normal
2.4%24mg/mlnormal / roling tobacco.

Quality is important

It is vital that the e-liquid when warmed up produces much vapor in a deep, smooth texture and taste. In the other case, good user enjoyment can not be achieved. Unfortunately the price of the e-liquid often playes an important role. Top e-liquid is generally a little more expensive, but you get there also something in return.

Quality liquid will produce more vapor from the same number of ml. Compare it with eg. normal diesel fuel and ultra eco diesel fuel. The latter is usually more expensive, but your car can drive much further with it.

Remind yourself, a top e-liquid provides a much higher "Throat Hit". This is the very pleasant tickle in the throat which we get usually when we increase the nicotine strength. However, a higher nicotine strength is less healthy and makes us more addictive. A very good liquid can deliver approximately the same effect at a lower nicotine strength.

Green Smoke and V2 Cigs are known to have excellent e-liquids.

Quick Tips

Because the range of e-liquid is really big, we give some quick tips to make it easier to select:

  • Best start with a neutral tobacco flavor as special flavors surely can get bored quicker. It's fun sometimes to try something different, but don't buy it in large quantities. Unless of course you're really love it.
  • As starting e-smoker, go for a nicotine strength of 1.8% or higher.
  • If you want to experiment, buy trial packs which contain one cartridge of each different flavor.
  • E-liquid remains tenable for approximately 2 years. Take this into account when you wish to purchase large quantities. Don't storage your e-liquids in the refrigerator because they will dry out. A dark cool room is perfect.

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