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Does the electronic cigarette encourage the youth to start smoking?

01-31-2014, by
Smoking teenager

As electronic cigarettes produce an odorless vapor, they are perfect for mischievous teenagers who secretly want to smoke. The use of electronic smoking devices (eg. shisha pens) has been increased in high schools so much that headmasters are considering to impose a general ban.

Students indeed confirm that the chance of getting caught while e-smoking is very small, even in the classroom. Some students call it a new form of rebellion, but a more milder version.

Because e cigarettes do not contain tobacco, in most countries they are not covered by the smoking laws and therefore they may be used in public.

In most cases, students are using the shisha pen at school. This is actually a nicotine free electronic cigarette with limited power. Because of its lower power, the smoking experience is weak. You need pull much more to enjoy. But these shisha pens actually are pretty harmless and safe. Recently, a control organ in the Netherlands had to confirm this.

Yet skeptics fear that the electronic smoking devices actually encourage the youth to start smoking.

Because the e cigarette don't contain tobacco, there are no age restrictions. Young or old, everyone can buy it. This makes it a very accessible product for teenagers. The wide range of attractive and exotic flavors can contribute that the teens can not resist to start e-smoking, although according to the skeptics.

Furthermore, the skeptics think that young people will move to normal cigarettes in the next stage, just like users of soft drugs easier to take the step to hard drugs. We believe it is pure nonsense and not based on any facts.

Rules and minimum age required

Studies confirm that people that made the switch to the e-cig rarely smoke tobacco afterwards. They can not enjoy regular cigarettes any longer. We see the same with people that stopped smoking and hate even the smell of traditional cigarettes.

I am personally not happy that very young teens have access to the ecig. I agree there should be an age limit. Also, it's not needed to have an endless range of flavors. But this is just my personal opinion. But I believe if these restrictions come, that there are less reasons to ban our e-cigarette in the future.

If such restrictions ever come, then don't mean the skeptics weird right. No, these rules should come only as a precaution and guarantee for the future of e-smoking.

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