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Types and Differences

We can imagine that starting e-smokers are a bit overwhelmed by the many different models or brands that are currently available. Yes, you can read some reviews, but there are so many of them. We give you a quick introduction about what is available on the market.

All e-cigarettes have the following main components:

  • An atomizer which heats and evaporates the liquid.
  • A cartridge in which the e-liquid is stored.
  • A battery that provides power.
  • E-liquid that is composed of nicotine, flavorings and propylene glycol.

Let's make now as intruction a classification based on these components. Although, we still advice starting e-smokers to choose for a regular start kit.

Manual vs. automatic

A manual e-cigarette have an on-and-off button. This has both advantages and disadvantages. This system requires an additional operation as you have to put the device on and off manually.

The automatic e-cigarette activates itself when air is pulled through the cigarette. We recommend starting the e-smoker such a system because it provides a more natural feeling. You will adapted just easier and faster to electronic smoking.

2-components vs. 3-components

As described above, the electronic cigarette has three components. These are the atomizer, cartridge and the battery. However, there are cigarettes where the atomizer and cartridge are in one single piece. This combination is called a cartomizer (cartridge + atomizer).

Cartomizer have sometimes a very large with a capacity up to 5ml. Such cartomizer are called tankomizers or "tank" systems. They are suited for the real hardcore smoker.

When a cartomizer is empty and you replace it, you will have automatically after a new atomizer. This is great as you don't need to do any maintenance like cleaning your atomizer, etc.. You only need to screw your next cartomizer on your battery and you can start.

With a three-component system, it gets a little more complicated as maintenace is required. You need to clean your atomizer and from time to time even to replace it as this gets broken over time. On that moment, you have to have a spare one available.

For comfort reasons, we suggest to choose for a 2-components system. Nowadays, all big quality brands uses cartomizers.

Micro, Medium & Large

Different sizes e-cigarette

The e-cigarette comes in all sizes. First, we have the micro. They have usually the size of a traditional or regular cigarette or even even slightly smaller. Second, we have the e-cigarette with normal length. They are a few inches longer than a traditional cigarette and finally you have the big models which are also heavier.

Generally you can say that a smaller e-cigarette has a battery with limited capacity. They sure look elegant, but they require more often to be recharged.

In many cases, the choice of size is just a matter of taste. We recommend that you start with a normal one as this is more average. If you are a big smoker, then try for sure the large batteries. If you are a social smoker, then a micro battery looks suitable for you.

Variable voltage

Most batteries have a fixed voltage between 3.3 V and 4.2 V. There are also e-cigarettes where you dynamic set a voltage. These batteries are especially suitable for 'MODDING. You mainly do this to increase the performance of your cigarette to achieve more vapor.

This is not recommended for beginners because you can run into a lot of trouble when you push the limits too far. Your device can get broken and you will loose your warranty when this happens. Also your e-liquid can get burned and harmful substances will get released in that case.

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