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The cost price of electronic smoking

08-18-2013, by

It's hard to stick an exact price on the e-cigarette because there exist different brands. You can buy the quality brands which are usually a bit more expensive. We can also choose for very cheap ecigs with lesser quality. In addition, the different brands have even further different models and kits. They have cheaper 'express kits' but also more luxury 'ultimate kits'.

It is basically like cars where you have on one side a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce and on the other hand, a Renault Dacia or Fiat. Nevertheless, we will try to gives you a general idea about the total cost price.

It seems interesting to compare the cost of 'traditional' (also known as analog) tobacco cigarettes. Most smokers will not believe it, but e-cigs are much cheaper. This can vary from about 1/2 to 1/4 of the price compared to regular cigarettes. The actual cost differs of course from user to user depending on their usage, etc... We listed the following important factors:

  • How much do you smoke every day?
  • What hardware do you prefer?
  • Do you enjoy modding and tweaking of your ecig?
  • Are you someone who likes to follow trends? Do you need to have always the latest and newest models?
  • etc. ..

We have already become a little wiser, but everything gets really clear with some practical examples:

Example 1

Traditional smoking

On weekends when you go out, you smoke more then one pack in a day, but during the week you smoke much less. I think this is a typical situation for many of us. On an annual basis you smoke about 250 packs which costs around $1,650 or €1,250.


You bought a pro kit with 4 batteries and immediately 200 cartridges. The price for all the hardware is arround $850 or €650. That's $800 or €600 cheaper. Yes, that's alot. If we choosed for an express kit and 2 batteries, the difference was even higher. In the price calculation, we have chosen for a quality brand and not for cheap crap.

Example 2

Traditional smoking

You smoke a pack of Marlboro every day (19 cigarettes). You pay for each pack around $6.5 or €5. This is $2,400 or €1,800 every year.


You buy a Green Smoke or V2 Cigs Standard Kit for $80 or €60. You need about 19 cartridges each month. You have to pay monthly around $60 or €45. So, for one year e-smoking, you have to spend about $800 or €600. This is about one third of the price of regular smoking.


In average cases, the "break-even point" is after 45 days. This means that after this duration, you gained the initial cost of purchasing the e-cigarette back.

After 45 days, e-smoking becomes spectacular cheaper. Even when you're experimenting with several brands, tastes or hardware. But remember, you should not move to e-smoking because of financial reasons. You should move because its more healthy. And nothing is more important then your health.

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