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Economic crisis increases the search for cheaper cigarettes

05-27-2014, by

Since the outbreak of the crisis, more and more smokers seek alternatives to the very expensive tobacco cigarettes. Several retailers and wholesalers report that smokers are cutting down their expenses. The abroad internet shops do good business.

A large group prefer to smoke self-rolling cigarettes. The sale of rolling tobacco has been increased enormous.

Also, the sale of the so-called top sleeves increased greatly. These are devices that helps to make cigarettes easier at home.

Also, the smokers are looking for big tobacco packages. For this they even travel to foreign countries. Especially Eastern Europe is popular.

The sale of the electronic cigarette is on the rise.

The cheapest alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette is by far the e-cigarette. On average, the cost is between 50% and 75% cheaper than traditional smoking. It speaks for itself that the consumer switch to this great product in times of an economic crisis.

Quality keeps important

Despite the crisis, the e-smoker still opt for quality and we see that the sales of Chinese imports are barely rising. Safety, comfort and taste play an important role. Especially the U.S. manufacturers are doing good business. And who can argue with the customers in their choices?

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