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The cartridge of the e-cigarette

Cartridge of the electronic cigarette
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The cartridge is a container in which the e-liquid is stored. In order to keep and to store this e-liquid better, the cartridge includes a material called polyfill. This is a wool-like filling that looks like cotton wool. Its of great importance that there is a good flow of e-liquid to the atomizer. Unfortunately this is not always the case with cheap and/or low-quality cartridges.

The cartomizer

The cartomizer is an atomizer and cartridge in one single piece. A cartomizer has several advantages. It's much more hygienic, cheaper, simpler (only two components instead of 3) and it has more capacity.

Most cartomizers are already filled with e-liquid, but there exist also some that you have to fill yourself.

Almost all the latest e-cigarettes uses cartomizers. To help the starting e-smoker in his quest to find the perfect cartomizer, we enumerate the properties to which it must satisfy:

The perfect cartomizer

  • has a safe e-liquid whose composition is known.
  • requires little maintenance (no cleaning, no filling with liquid) which saves time.
  • produces smooth, thick, deep and uniform vapor.
  • provides additional "Throat hit" (jitters in the throat).
  • has the capacity of at least 1 package (regular) cigarettes.

The tankomizer

The tankomizer of the electronic cigarette

A second variant of cartridge are the so-called "tank-systems". In such a system, there is no polyfill to keep the e-liquid. Instead the liquid is stored in a tank. The liquid can go to the atomizer via a wick. The great advantage, is the extra space. This will increase the capacity seriously. The content varies between 1ml and 2ml.

Tankomizers are furthermore known for their very clean taste. They are ideal to refill and eventually also hygienic. You can buy then both prefilled or empty. The tankomizers are also available with both low and high resistance.

Still, we don't advice starting e-smokers to obtain for a tankomizer.

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