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Benefits of quit smoking tobacco

09-09-2013, by
Quit smoking tobacco

Everyone who wants to quit smoking should be aware of the benefits for your health. As it is well known, there are many harmful substances get released when smoking tobacco. We enumerate the immediate consequences for our body:

A) Short Term

From the moment you stop smoking tobacco, your body will respond immediately in a positive way. Your blood pressure and heart rate will improve already after 20 minutes. This will make you feel more fit. The nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your body reduce by approximately 50% after 8 hours. Spectacular, isn't it? But there is more, the oxygen level in your blood will be again completely normal.

After one day, the carbon monoxide in your body disappears. Your lungs begin to clean up the tar and other smoking-remains. After 2 until 4 days your body has already fully purged the nicotine. Now, your your sense of smell and taste will improve dramatically.

Your entire circulation will improve from the 2nd week. This means you will have less cold feet and hands. This is definitely for the women among us pleasant news.

B) Long Term

After having successfully stopped smoking a few years, you already have 50 till 75% lower risk of a heart disease. After 10 to 15 years, you even have an equal chance than people who never smoked.

Your life expectancy increases naturally as you stop smoking. Realize that 25% of smokers die before they become 65. Also realize that 50% of smokers die from the effects of smoking. Chances of future blindness and deafness decreases as you stop smoking.

We go a little further in detail with the main effects that you experience after quitting smoking tobacco:

  • Your heart will benefit

    The blood pressure that constantly change due of smoking can cause heart ailments. When you stop, the chance of a heart attack is halved after 12 months. The recovery after a heart attack will be much faster and easier if you have quitted. After 1 year, the risk of a recurrent heart attack is reduced by 50%. After 10 to 15 years smokeless years, you will have the same risk as people that have never smoked.

  • Your lungs will benefit

    Lung cancer is one of the main consequences of smoking. After a stop period of 10 years, the risk of getting this cancer is reduced by 50%. Depending on how long you've smoked, it takes 10 until 30 years before your chances are equal to people who never smoked.

    One of the first things that restore are the cilia in your lungs. The cilia have the task to keep all dust, viruses and bacteria out your body. By quit smoking your lungs also begin removing mucus and other residual surpluses that smoking have caused. You will get a lot more air and can also breath easier. As a result, all the carbon monoxide from the body will be filtered and the oxygen level will increase.

    For people with COPD (smokers lung) the following applies. The lung tissue does not continue to brake down when you stop. The lung function declines as fast as with non-smokers.

  • Your appearance will benefit

    Because the blood circulation in your body increases, the skin will age more slowly. Your teeth gets whiter and your gums becomes pink. Your hair will be fuller and shinier. You will also have a decreased chance of hair loss and it will become less gray.

    Skin and hair of a smoker
  • Your fertility will benefit

    The fertility of women improves when they quit smoking. The chance of miscarriage disceases. After several weeks this chance will be similar to that of non-smokers.

    For men, the sperm count and their mobility increases. This makes them more fertile. The risk of impotence because much smaller because the testosterone levels will increase. Also the blood flow to the penis will be much better.


There are enough reasons to stop smoking tobacco. When you switch to electronic smoking you will also benefit most of them. It's almost because the nicotine has also still effects on the heart and blood circulation. If you can lower the nicotine (or even better smoke nicotine free), then you have a much healthier life for sure.

Read how to quit smoking tobacco with the e-cigarette if you are convinced! I hope you are.

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