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The battery of the e-cigarette

The battery of the electronic cigarette
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The battery takes up most space of the device and delivers the necessary energy. Most batteries are Li-Ion batteries, and supply a voltage of 3.7 volts on when the battery is at full charged state. The minimum voltage is around 2.4 voltage and the maximum is 4.2 voltage.

The quality of the battery makes a big difference to the e-cigarette. Low quality batteries are often unstable when they becoming "empty" or even after some months of use. Their power level drops then rapidly to zero. They also can provide not enough ampere, which is bad for the amount of produced vapor. You must really understand that the supplied voltage and ampere to the atomizer and its resistance completely determine how much vapor is produced. In general, more 'power' means more and warmer smoke which is enjoyable and gives us more pleasure.


The capacity of the battery determines how long you can e-smoke before a recharge is needed. If you have enough spare batteries, you don't need to worry too much about the capacity at all, but it still does have some affect your user experience. The capacity of battery is defined in mAh. That mili-ampere per hour. The higher this value is the better. Today, most batteries are between 100mAh and 1000mAh.

A battery of 1000mAh delivers basically 10x as long as energy than a battery of 100mAh. But this is not always true as not all batteries provide their energy at a constant level (like with alkaline batteries). eg. You can't compare a Duracell battery with a low-cost Chinese battery.

A battery of 100mAh will provide the energy to smoke one hour continuous. A battery of 1000mAh can therefore provide the energy for 10 hours continuous smoking. Read especially "continuous" as nobody will continuous smoke, even the most hardcore smoker. An average smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes in a day will be satisfied with a standard battery of 200 to 300mAh. The die-hard smoker needs at least double.


Just like the batteries of our mobile phone or notebook, the lifetime of our battery is limited. On average, you can recharge approximately 250 times a battery before its capacity seriously decrease. And believe me, this decrease is extremely unpleasant. We don't want to get extra stress because of the battery not performing well.

We're talking about an average of 250 times. In practice, that's a period of 8 to 18 months, depending on how much you smoke of course. Most big vendors provide a 1-year warranty on the batteries.

Automatic vs. Manual

In a manual system you have to activate the e-cigarette by a button or switch (on/off). In an automatic system, this isn't needed. Here, the e-cigarette activates itself when you pull or suck. As soon as air coming through the e-cigarette, a sensor will get activated and start the device.

The biggest advantage of an automatic battery is convenience. This increases the feeling of smoking a regular cigarette. If you just occasionally pulls on your cigarette, then its preferable to use an automatic battery since this it will maximize the duration of your battery.

The downside of an automatic battery is that they are more vulnerable to defects. Sometimes, it may happen that a cartridge have a leak and e-liquid leaks onto your battery which will be harmful to the battery. Manual batteries do not suffer from it, but automatic ones do. So, always choose quality cartridges with an automatic system.

There are also automatic batteries that have a limited amount of pulls in a minute. This can be really frustrating. The automatic batteries of the most famous and big brands luckily don't have this problem. V2 Cigs eg. is known for it wonderful batteries.

Tips to make your battery last longer

We list some tips to ensure that you safe the lifetime of your battery:

  • Recharge your batteries at room temperature.
  • Recharge not longer than necessary. The overcharging the battery unfortunately will reduce the lifetime tremendously.
  • Don't use 'speed' chargers to recharge your batteries.
  • Recharge your battery only when you feel they are producing less vapor. It's not good to recharge half-full batteries or batteries that are completely empty.

If the batteries are properly charged and used then, the "voltage depression" will be minimized.

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