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The appearance is a good reason to stop or to switch

04-20-2014, by
Skin and body of a smoker

Preventing wrinkles and yellow teeth are very important reasons to stop smoking tobacco. Also yellow fingers and gray or bald hair do smokers realize they should quit smoking.

A British study were 2,000 smokers questioned. Both male and female smokers were worried to age faster. As many as 40% of women admitted they want to stop to avoid premature aging of the skin.

Men here are even more afraid, about 55 percent said this is the biggest motivation to stop or switch to electronic smoking.

Sex and Fertility

In the same survey said 25% of men is going to quit smoking when they have erection problems. Nicotine restricts the blood flow in the body and this declares that smokers often have measurable performance in bed.

For women, fertility also plays a role in stopping. Several studies in the past have shown that after stopping fertility increases significantly because the uterus and quality of the sperm become into a better state. Quit smoking is also beneficial for a IVF treatment and reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Electronic smoking is a solution

Because the electronic cigarette is new, the long-term effects are still not really demonstrated. However, all studies indicate that the product performs very well and is much healthier then regular smoking.

The electronic cigarette still contain nicotine. But when you consume this in a low dose, the risks are limited. There are e cigarettes with a very low dose of nicotine. There are even e-cigs without nicotine.

Smoking tobacco is a combination of consuming nicotine and many harmful burned substances. In other words, the effects are amplified.

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